20. Sagittarius. The nice kind of asshole.

Anonymous: Are you still doing the weird ask thing? IF you are then, sometimes I hear these REALLY weirddd noises at like 4 in the morning coming from my bathroom. So last night I got up to go check and I think I saw a ghost but he was like a really hot looking ghost, so I read up ways to summon ghosts and seduce them so is it weird that I'm trying to summon the ghost up so he can have sex with me?

i’m done

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Fuckin need
Hey babe
Anonymous: Lol ok so hereee is a weird thing.. i asked my ex boyfriend if he would give a blow job to me if i had a penis and he said yes so on his birthday i bought a strap on and filled it with mayonnaise and i squeezed it after like 10 minutes and he swallowed it and we would do that regularly until he got a mouth infection from the plastic

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lets see if this’ll happen: ask me an absurd question, tell me something crazy or weird, whatever; anon or not, and i’ll reply with just my facial reaction

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Really tired of feeling like I have no one

of having no one* 

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I want to give you hickies where only you and I can see

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Anonymous: How many girls did you hook up with this week ?

why do u people assume i swim in pussy lol i’m not even attractive, chill, i haven’t slept with anyone in a minute.

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Pura verdad

In my school it was all the asian kids

lmfao every straight A hispanic kid wore these